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Playing GM – The Buffalo Bills

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Buffalo Bills

No playoffs this year for the Bills.  Surprised?  I am!  By accident they had to end the madness of being the longest non-playoff team.  Wrong again!

This time around they had players.  Injuries took a toll later on in the year but what did them in was a slow start and poor coaching.  They gave into a few blowouts but they also lost some very close games that were very close.

Key changes that should be made but won’t be.  The quarterback!  The coach!  And  one more season for the GM.

Fitzpatrick is a gamer but just doesn’t have the arm to play at the Ralph.  Even his coach knows this and game plans no long passes.  Can’t keep defenses honest without going long.

Gaily is depressing.  He tries not to screw up so much that he is screwing everything up!  A young offensive coordinator would be a perfect fit for this team.  Give him a 5 year contract so he can grow into the job.

Nix has done an incredible job finding talent off the waiver wires practise squads.  He had to, not too many free agents wanted to go to Buffalo without overpaying.  He hasn’t been great with the draft but he has been pretty good.  The draft isn’t enough for this team.  They need a top two pick which never seem bad enough to get.

Maybe by some miracle 2013 will be their year.  Maybe not.